Australia Standard Wire Mesh Stillage Cage

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  • Name: Australia Standard Wire Mesh Stillage Cage
  • Size: 1240*1050*980mm
  • Capacity: 1000kg
  • Max Stacking: 5 units high
  • MOQ: 50 units
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    These folding steel stillages have a capacity of 1000kg, mesh sides, sheet metal base and a half drop door in the front. They are stackable both when open and closed.

    Designed with an easy opening and closing system the collapsed stillage has a height 1/3 of an open container making it possible to save storage space and transport costs.

    All our containers are available in a wide range of RAL standard colours, you can select the colour from within the options. The containers are guaranteed free from burrs, with chamfered and rounded corners to avoid injury during use.

    At Steps and Stillages we also have a complete range of accessories designed to integrate with our stillages. From card holders and identification plates to wheels and lids we have the ideal custom solution for your needs.

    For shipping we only charge what it costs us to deliver the stillages. We charge by the pallet to your postcode, which is calculated in the checkout - or you can collect for FREE from our premises in Kettering. The stillages have a 3 week lead time.


    • Easy to lift up and move around with forklift truck or pallet jack
    • Ready to use, no installation required
    • Quickly and simply rearrange your warehouse
    • Designed to stack 5 units high to maximum utilize the warehouse space
    • Side frames can be folded and stacking up to 20 units high to save floor space

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is this product?

    Please contact us and let us know the product you need, we will quote our best price asap.

    What is the lead time?

    We can ship out the goods in 1 day if it's in stock. If it's not in stock, we will need 15~25 days for production, depends on which kind of product you need

    How can I pay?

    We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Letter of Credit payment.

    How can I customize the product?

    Please send us your requirements with as much details as possible, our engineer with provide FREE 2D / 3D design drawing asap!

    Can I buy sample?

    Yes, we are always happy to send sample to our customer. Please let us know which product you need, we will quote the sample price + cheapest shipping cost to your door.

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