1500 units Tyre Rack order finished

Hank Rack has just finished a 1500 units of Folding & Stacking Tyre Rack order. This Tyre Rack is the most popular storage rack for car tyres & SUV tyres, you can find more details here: https://www.hankrack.com/folding-stacking-tyre-rack.html


Stacking Tyre Rack

This Tyre Rack is stackable up to 5 units high when fully loaded with goods, or maximum 20 units high when folded down.

Folding Tyre Rack with removable second Layer

This Tyre Rack comes with 4 removable bars, you can put them on the middle to make a second layer.

Loading container

One 40HQ container can load 108 units of this rack.

Post time:10-21-2022