Foldable Tire Rack

  As an important part of automobile, tire has many characteristics, such as large demand, large weight, frequent movement in production process and various models.
  FOLDABLE TIRE RACK is a good solution to this problem. It is not only simple in design and low in price, but also convenient for tire storage, mixed storage and stacking, and can cooperate with forklift truck for stacking and handling.

1. Purpose of tire carrier:

  This 2-Tier Folding Tire Rack is designed for Passenger Tires (PCR), SUV Tires and Light Truck Tires. The unique 2-tier design allows you to store the tires on stand with label face out, you can have direct access to every single tire and pick them by the label. But if you want to store more tires on each rack, the 2nd tier can be removed to store tires interlaced.

2. Main features:

  Realize mixed storage of multi size tires, solve the problem of low storage efficiency caused by different tire specifications.

3. Basic characteristics:

  When idle, the tire rack can be folded and stacked, which can reduce the volume occupied in the process of storage and handling.



Post time:09-23-2020